Social Anxiety

About Social Anxiety

Social anxiety presents as excessive anxiety and self-consciousness in social situations with a central fear of being judged negatively or harshly or appearing foolish. It leads to avoidance of social or performance situations such as public speaking as well as subtle forms of hiding away in social gatherings.

People with social anxiety may:

  • View small mistakes as more exaggerated than they really are.
  • Find blushing as painfully embarrassing.
  • Feel that all eyes are on them.
  • Fear public speaking, dating, or talking with persons in authority.
  • Fear using public restrooms or restaurants.
  • Fear of talking on the phone or writing in front of others.

Even though the fear and anxiety are recognised as being excessive, social and performance situations are avoided or are endured with extreme anxiety and distress.

More than one in eight people will suffer from the disorder at some point in their lives. The onset is most frequent in mid-teens, but can occur at any time. Symptoms manifest themselves physically and can include blushing, sweating and palpitations.

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