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To become a member Simply click here or select Join Us on the Home page and create your profile. The steps are simple and easy to follow. Select a good quality, ideally a personal photo of yourself from your own files and add this as indicated. Don’t underestimate the positive impact your photo can have on your potential cleints. Therapy is a very personal service and those looking to come to therapy, including for the first time, will be looking for indications that the therapist they are considering seems like someone they could share their very private thoughts and feelings with. Your profile with us is your opportunity to tell your potential clients why you might be the best fit for them.

You can amend your profile at any time by simply logging back in and making the changes you wish.

How to become a Verified Therapist at

If you are a member of one of the professional organisations listed below, and we can verify this with your accrediting body, we will be happy to attach the Verified Symbol  to your online listing with us. Alternatively you can email your current Certificate of Accreditation to us at when you list and we will attach the Verified Symbol  to your online listing. This will make your profile more attractive to those seeking professional help as it will inspire confidence and trust in your training and qualifications.

Membership Fees

List your Practice for a flat fee of €20 per month or €200 per year (Save €40 by paying the yearly subscription) and you can receive unlimited referrals through Your Premium Membership ensures your listing appears at the top of all search resutls on our website. In addition, you will obtain a larger, more comprehensive profile, with a clickable link to your own website. Potential clients will be able to contact you directly by phone or email to enquire about your availability. 

Alternatively, you can choose a Free Membership where referrals are offered to these members for a modest fee per client referred. Should you not have availabiltiy for a new client referral at any time, we always offer to assist our clients to source an alternative therapist in their locality. It is our policy to do our best to support any client who comes to us seeking a therapist, often at a time of emotional distress. We offer all our clients quality, timely, personal support by phone, WhatsApp and email. 

Cancellation Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with you cancel your membership at any time and your listing will be removed at the end of the period you have paid for. If you wish to cancel your membership please email us at

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