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Family Intervention and Consultancy Service

Qualifications & Accreditations:

BA (Honours) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care
BA (Honours) in Addiction Counselling
MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Accrediated with ACI and SCI

Professional Status:

Accredited Therapist

Issues worked with:

Anxiety, Depression, Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma and PTSD, Relationship Issues, Family Problems, Child and Adolescent Issues, Sex and Sexuality, Identity Issues, Addictions, Anger, Self-Esteem, Work Related Stress

For whom:

Adults, Adolescents, Family, Groups



Professional association:

Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI)

Theoretical approach:

Person Centred Psychotherapy, Humanistic and Integrative, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Couple and Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Human Givens


Family Intervention & Consultancy Service is a dynamic, South East based, private service offering a wide range of interventions ( anxiety, emotional regulation, coping skills, self esteem) programmes, workshops (mental health, drugs, self esteem), group work (parenting, family work), psychotherapy and counselling.

Each intervention is specifically designed to meet the needs of the person presenting to our service.

Equally counselling and psychotherapy involve the provision of professional assistance to people who are experiencing personal issues, in order to help alleviate difficulties they may be experiencing. Counselling tends to deal more with immediate issues that may have arisen more recently e.g. bereavement, relationship breakdown, harm reduction, emotional regulation. Psychotherapy tends to deal with deeper, more long-term issues that may be rooted in the past e.g. a trauma, intense emotional dysregulation or, serious mistreatment where the effects of such are ongoing and impacting the clients life.
Following completing a degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care (2005-2009), I decided to pursue a degree in Addiction Counselling from Glyndwr University (2010-2014). Following on from this I completed an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy (2015) while working full time in the Adult Mental Health Services team. I have engaged in continuous professional development on an ongoing basis since my first undergraduate degree. My passion and eagerness to gain knowledge and further my skill base has assisted in supporting people to meet their goals. I acknowledge the importance of having an awareness and understanding of a wide range of theories/ models to ensure a person receives quality counselling and psychotherapy. As a therapist I can recognise the importance of having an eclectic range of theory and practice in order to be responsive to varying issues that can arise. I practice utilising an integrative approach which combines concepts of counselling interventions from more than one psychotherapy theory, approach or modality. Further training has included Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Behavioural Family Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Parenting programmes, WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), Dual Diagnosis, Human Givens, Trauma, Self-Harm, Maastricht Interviewing, Hearing voices, Paranoid Belief, Gender Identity Skills Training, NARM.

“know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul”

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