Verified Therapist

Lorraine Horrell MIACP

Qualifications & Accreditations:

Dip Counselling and Psychotherapy
Bsc. Hons Counselling and Psychotherapy
Currently doing an MSc. in Adolescent Psychotherapy

Professional Status:

Accredited Therapist

Issues worked with:

Anxiety, Depression, Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma and PTSD, Eating Disorders, Bereavement and Loss, Relationship Issues, Family Problems, Child and Adolescent Issues, Sex and Sexuality, Identity Issues, Anger, Self-Esteem, Spirituality, Existential Issues and Search for Meaning

For whom:

Adults, Adolescents, Family



I do offer concession

Professional association:

Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy., British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Theoretical approach:

Person Centred Psychotherapy, Humanistic and Integrative, Psychodynamic, Art Therapy


I work with both adult and adolescent clients and sometimes with the parents of adolescents.
I work from a humanistic/ integrative way, which means I see each individual as unique, I also believe that each client I see has all the answers within themselves, a client knows themselves better than anybody else. We work collaboratively together to find a way forward. I work relationally and try to really understand the client’s unique self-experience in the social or relational context and to respond with empathy and genuine presence.
I believe that the relationship is the most important factor in counselling/psychotherapy and through the relationship old wounds and patterns may emerge, I aim to facilitate a safe and nurturing space.
I believe in the paradoxical theory of change.
Change occurs when one becomes what he is and not when he tries to become what he is not.
Arnold Beisser
When it comes to working with adolescents, I work a little differently. I ask that both parents attend the first session when possible. I believe that it is important to support both parents and adolescents in my work and may occasionally need to see one or both parents as I work with their adolescents.
Adolescence can be both surprising and frightening for both parents and adolescents but with support and help the experience doesn’t have to be as frightening. Adolescents are a resilient bunch and with the right help they can go on to live their lives to their full potential. Sometimes parents have never parented an adolescent before and they are confused and frustrated by their teens new attitude but with a little help and support, and looking at their behaviour through a developmental lense, things can make a little more sense.

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