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Tom Conlon

Qualifications & Accreditations:

MSc Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, UCD (2018 completion), Diploma in Group Work Practice, UCD, MBA (University of Chicaho Booth Business School), BA (TCD)

Professional Status:

Pre-Accredited Therapist

Issues worked with:


For whom:

Adults, Groups

Professional association:

Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of Ireland (APPI), Irish Group Analytic Society (IGAS)

Theoretical approach:

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


“Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a therapeutic process which helps patients understand and resolve their problems by increasing awareness of their inner world and its influence over relationships both past and present. It differs from most other therapies in aiming for deep seated change in personality and emotional development” (British Psychoanalytic Council). Psychoanalysis is a field of study informed by a therapeutic method which privileges the unconscious processes of the mind. This focus on unconscious processes, and the laws governing them, remains central to the clinical practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis involves a subjective process of speaking and articulation which can help to alleviate the symptoms resulting from a wide variety of mental health issues. It enables people, in a non-judgemental setting, to consider the meaning and direction of their lives. It can contribute significantly to a patient's mental and physical health, to their sense of well-being and purpose and to their ability to manage their lives in a more effective manner. Tom Conlon is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist working under supervision within the code of ethics of the Association of Psychoanalyis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (A.P.P.I). He is currently undertaking a M.Sc. in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at University College Dublin. He was recently awarded the Diploma in Group Work Practice by the Irish Institute of Group Analysis (in association with UCD’s School of Psychotherapy). He is an associate member of the Irish Group Analytic Society. He received a BA in Economics and Politics from Trinity College Dublin in 1984 and an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago in 1991.

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