Recovery from Grief

Recovering from Grief

Initially the waves of grief are very intense and powerful, often knocking us down and crushing us in a way that makes it very hard for us to get back up. Over time however, the waves become smaller and the periods of calm become longer.  As you are ready and start to recover, you can begin to find a new way forward in your life while at the same time incorporating the deep love you feel and always will feel for those you have lost. While we have no choice around the suffering that come from profound loss we can choose to accept and understand the pain as a measure of the love we have felt. We can learn what matters most to us. We can learn to recover and to allow joy and happiness back into our lives. We can let go of our pain as this is not the only connection we have with those we have cared about and we can choose to heal.

The painful experience of grieving a loss can eventually lead to the positive outcomes that are recovery, resolution, and resilience. Recovery involves working through the stages of grief. Resolution refers to accepting the reality of the loss, reorganizing end re-engaging with our lives in a meaningful and joyful way. Resilience is our capacity to recover from difficulty, adapt to change in our lives and continue in the face of adversity and stands us in good stead when coping with any future crises.

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