Therapy for Grief

Therapy Support for Grief

Although grief can be very painful, most people find that they can recover from their loss with a combination of their own inner resources and the support of their family and they do not need to seek professional help.

However, sometimes the circumstances of the death may have been particularly distressing, such as a traumatic or sudden death, or there may be circumstances in your life which make your grief particularly acute or complicated.

You may wish to consider seeking professional help if:

  • You are struggling to manage routine daily tasks, such as going to work or caring for your children.
  • You have become preoccupied or acutely distressed by your grief in a way that has begun to seriously affect your personal relationships.
  • You do not have people in your life to talk to or who can support you.
  • You are becoming over-reliant on alcohol or other substances to dull or alleviate the pain of loss.
  • You experience panic attacks, develop anxiety or depression or have thoughts of self harm.
  • You feel you need help to deal with your loss.

In addition to individual therapy, Group Bereavement Therapy can also provide support through the reciprocal sharing of thoughts and feelings with those who are going through or have recently had experiences similar to our own.

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