Would you like some help dealing with Anxiety?

Here are some really useful tips to help you to cope when Anxiety kicks in and threatens to overwhelm you:

  1. Stop, Sit and Breathe

When Anxiety takes over, take 5 minutes and sit somewhere quiet, on something solid, with your feet firmly on the ground and just BREATHE, slowly and deeply, until your body settles down. Try to let your thoughts just drift by without focussing on any of them for now. When we are anxious, our body’s natural fight or flight response kicks in which releases adrenaline and cortisol and raises our heart rate. This protects us when we are in real danger but only makes us uncomfortable when we are not.

  1. Remember your thoughts are not reality

Often what makes us anxious is the POSSIBILITY of something happening. And our sense that we would not be able to handle it if it did. But the things that DO actually happen are only a tiny proportion of these. And we have tremendous capacity to manage all sorts of situations we never thought possible when we trust our own resources and our own capability.  

  1. Challenge your thinking

For the things you are feeling anxious about now:

-what are all the possible outcomes?

-what are the more likely outcomes?

-for the worst possible outcome – could you handle it and survive? Have you handled a difficult situation in the past and managed through it? Remember also that you would have the love and support of your friends and family in any situation you might have to deal with.

  1. Accept things you can’t control or change

A certain amount of anxiety and worry is natural and sometimes even appropriate as it keeps us alert and on our toes. But there are things we can’t control or change and we have to accept this and have faith in ourselves and our ability to handle situations as they arise.

  1. Foster a positive attitude

This is the difference between seeing the glass half full or half empty. Situations are rarely as catastrophic and we tell ourselves. Adopting a positive attitude of ‘I will be able to deal with this IF it happens and if I need help to manage through it, I will ask for help’.

Be grateful for everyday things and look for the positive side in everything as almost everything has one.


For more information and help with Anxiety see here:

If Anxiety continues to be a problem for you, you could consider seeking professional help, To help you Find a Therapist see here.     


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