Here is a really good and simple Mindfulness exercise to practice every day or at times of stress or anxiety:

Sit comfortably into a chair.

Pay attention to your breathing in and breathing out.

Allow your thoughts to come in but gently send them on their way again. A good way to do this

is to place them on an imaginary leaf and then watch them float away on a breeze.

Keep bringing your mind gently back to paying attention to your breathing in and out.


The idea is not to allow yourself to become hijacked by your thoughts, but if you are to just keep centering yourself by gently focusing back again and again on your breathing.

This mindfulness practice helps take us out of our heads and therefore out of the busyness and sometimes even the chaos of our thoughts and anchors us in our bodies and in the here and now.

Professional help with Anxiety or Stress is available on our page:  Find a Therapist here.


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